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זה המזנון של אומגה־ויקי בעברית.

הקהילה העברית רק בשלבי הקמה ראשוניים.

לכתיבת הודעה חדשה יש ללחוץ על סימן + בראש הדף.

Right to Left[edit]

The RTL issue seems like an extraordinarily difficult problem to overcome. You need any user to automatically view pages that are meant to be in RTL languages as RTL both on the article page (logo upper right, etc.) and especially on the edit page (the edit box I am typing in right now doesn't work properly for Hebrew).

Much valuable multilingual work has been done (such as the ability to view the interface in the language of your choice), but this one has remained insoluble.

The missing functionality seems to be this: When calling up a new page that doesn't yet exist, to have the option to define it as an RTL page. Or to choose its language, and if it is an RTL language to have it automatically defined that way. How possible is this? Dovi 15:01, 19 September 2006 (CEST)


In hebrew there is punctuation that show people how to say the word (kelev or kolav or kalav etc.) and in some of the articles the word is written with punctuation, but most of the people searching words without punctuation, then if I write "כלב" i don't find anything, and I have to write "כֶּלֶב", wich is very unuseful. can I write something like "[[כלב|כֶּלֶב]]" and then the link will be to "כלב" but the article will show "כֶּלֶב"?