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Welcome to the English language portal on Omegawiki!

English comes in many flavours/flavors and variations. All are welcome here. Eventually, we hope to build tools to study and catalog regional variations, but this is a very early version, so the priority is to make the basics work first.

Because Omegawiki is still in a prototype stage, we're only permiting edits to the data by trusted users. If you're interested in this project, please show your support for it by creating a user page and putting your Babel templates on it (like the ones at the right), along with any other introductions you'd like to share with the world.

During the development and prototype stages, we also welcome feedback from interested Wiktionarians, scholars, and members of the public. How will you use this project? What features would you like to see someday? What's not working yet? Do you have a better idea?

For now, if you find an error in the data, please add {{Attention|<problems with article>}} to the talk page only. We're working on the stability of the database first, but placing a note in the article's discussion page will flag an item for later cleanup.

You can also edit portal pages, such as this one. If you know languages besides English, see what's in their portal pages, and improve it.

* Until we elect a bureaucrat.

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