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Subdivision of the ISO-639 aze
Ethnologue-aze ISO-639-1 az
ISO-639-2 aze
ISO-639-3 aze
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 azj
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 azb
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 klj
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 qxq
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 slq


The individual languages within the Azerbaijani macrolanguage are:

There are five languages that are part of the Azerbaijani language family. We have people say that these others are only "dialects" (see the discussion on the acceptance of a new wikipedia for the South Azerbaijani language...) The consequence is that arguments are used that have nothing to do with linquistics and, that is what WZ is about .. I propose a Swadesh list for Azerbaijani .. to help us forward. GerardM 20:25, 7 May 2006 (CEST)