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What is DictionaryForMIDs[edit]

DictionaryForMIDs is a flexible dictionary that can be set up with dictionaries for all languages around the world. For example it is possible to set up (= configure) DictionaryForMIDs with an English to Spanish dictionary as well as for an English to Chinese dictionary.

Beyond language dictionaries, it is possible to set up any other dictionary for DictionaryForMIDs, for example a ZIP-dictionary, a phone dictionary, a dictionary of medical terms, etc.

DictionaryForMIDs is an open source project and free software (the GPL license applies). Please note that the dictionaries that are set up for DictionaryForMIDs may have different copyrights. All dictionaries that can be downloaded from this site are free to use.

To set up a dictionary, look at the section Setting up a New Dictionary.

End users just download a DictionaryForMIDs package with the desired dictionary and install it on their cell phone or PDA or PC. Several dictionaries are provided in the section dictionaries for download.

Partnering on OmegaWiki development[edit]

Since August 2013, DictionaryForMIDs and OmegaWiki formed a collaboration to create OmegaWiki monolingual, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries that can be used with DictionaryForMIDs' Android, cell phone ( via JAVA) and PC applications. We believe that this partnership will be beneficial, not only for both projects, but also for the Open Source community.

OmegaWiki's database will enrich DictionaryForMIDs dictionary resources while DictionaryForMIDs will help the OmegaWiki data to be reused, which is one of OmegaWiki's goal.

Available and wanted dictionaries[edit]

A number of dictionaries, OmegaWiki and other sources, can be downloaded via the homepage of Dictionary for Mids. If you don't find the dictionary you are searching for, please use the page Dictionary request to ask for what you do need. We will try to make it possible. Please also leave a note on how we can contact you (E-Mail, user page on OmegaWiki, Facebook or Google+).

External information[edit]