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Help:Downloading the data

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SQL Database dump[edit]

The dumps are updated daily.

At the moment, two dumps are available: the full dump, containing all you need to run your own copy of the OmegaWiki website, and a lexical data dump, where the part regarding the MediaWiki software has been excluded.

Full dump[edit]

If you want to run your own MediaWiki server with a copy of OmegaWiki, you'll need the full dump.

The installation procedure is described at Development.

Lexical data dump[edit]

If you are only interested in the lexical data, and want to retrieve them directly with a SQL query (instead of with a web interface), you only need the Lexical dump.

Then do something like this:

  • gunzip omegawiki-lexical.sql.gz
  • mysql -h localhost -u root -p -e"CREATE DATABASE omegawiki;;"
  • mysql -h localhost -u root -p omegawiki < omegawiki-lexical.sql (this takes some time)

You can find help on the tables included in this dump at Help:OmegaWiki database layout.

CSV Files[edit]

Use the special page Special:Ow_downloads, where you can generate and download csv files for

  • a list of definitions in a language, with all words that are attached to that definition
  • a list of words in a language
  • a collection of lists with their annotations (part of speech, etc.)


We currently have three sections: Expressions, Definitions and Development.

Expressions and Definitions are a list of expressions and definitions respectively. Development is a collection of files that can be used for developing software data.

Each section contains a table with five columns.

  • Language Contains the language and the link to the downloadable file.
  • Date Contains the date when the file/files were created.
  • Size (bytes) Contains the size of the file.
  • Status See Status sub-section.
  • Action Contains a link to regenerate the file. Useful when one feels the data is outdated.


For both Expressions and Definitions. The status can be:

  • latest the downloadable file is the latest regenerated file as of the date given.
  • updating the downloadable file may not be the latest since the file is currently being processed in the background, which would produce the latest lists.

For Development, The status can be:

  • check status a link to check the status which changes the status to:
    • up-to-date plus the date of the latest syntrans transaction changes since the file was compiled. means that the file does not need regeneration.
    • outdated plus the date of the latest syntrans transaction changes since the file was created and the latest syntrans available. Means that the file does not contain the latest data and can be regenerated if needed.
    • updating means a newer version is being created in the background.
    • unavailable means that there are background jobs that is prevents the status being displayed.

Development CSVs[edit]

see Help:OmegaWiki's Development CSVs

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